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Travel to Halong Bay – Vietnam and enjoy the world

At the beginning, I was completely blind about the travel world in Vietnam, then decided to collected all the information and I read many books give a good recommendation of Halong Bay as one of the cultural heritage in Vietnam.

halong bay vietnam travel

I traveled at February couple years ago, grey and freezing. I forgot in preparing my clothes for the winter time. I didn`t even brought comfort shoes. The weather between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City was totally different. Still…lucky me because I always had my jackets and some shocks in my backpack ^_^

How to get there

Went to Halong Bay, I decided to joining in the local travel agent not far from my GH. I went there by my self and found the price was quite cheaper than the other agents.

The cost for 1 day trip to Halong Bay from Hanoi City was US $ 25 net per person. This price inclusion with the transport returnes from hotel to Halong Bay, lunch and entrance fee to Halong Bay. But will got additional charge for playing Kayak or Canoe at the Halong Bay.

What to do in Halong Bay

Traveled in Halong Bay will always exciting, many unique rock hills around the lake as the icon of Halong Bay. The fantastic scenery, cold and dark water complete with the fog made it much more mysterious, I love it.

halong bay vietnam travel 2

halong bay vietnam travel 3

halong bay vietnam travel 4

halong bay vietnam travel 5

After 1 hour sail the boat was stopping by together with another boats, then many of the passengers became more and more narcissistic (including me hehehe…), some others paddling the canoe to the rock hills…

Swimming in Halong Bay – Vietnam..???

Yup..I planned it.. stupid me not to read the weather forecast… hiksss.. I even brought my fin & snorkel hahahaha…

My dream gone when I saw the water`s colour and the freezing air…so funny… I don`t think I can swim there.. never.. not even at the sunny day hahahaha…

The right food at the right place and the right time

Culinary still the best thing here, they served the best of Vietnamese food for all the starved traveler at the winter season. Everything looks good and yummy. I love it so much, especially the fresh vegetables and the sauce with Vietnamese taste. Truly yummy.

Overall I was truly enjoyed my travel time in Vietnam. Started from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi City then to Halong Bay. Long way to go with many experienced and different story in every cities. Cool…!!!



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Overnight at Haneda Aiport – Tokyo – Japan for a budget traveler

Have you ever imagined sleeping at the airport…?!!  yup that’s what happened to me. Even though it has been planned beforehand.

Generally, international flight to Japan would be arrived to Haneda Airport almost at the midnight time which means there no more train or bus to Tokyo and of course no budget for TAXI, specially for a budget traveler like me…hehehe…

So, how does it feel sleepover at Haneda Aiport ..?!! Well.. for me it doesn`t matter at all, it`s not a big deal since I ever slept in many worst places than this superb clean and silent place, it`s a huge place to sleep after all..hahahaha

By the way here some stuffs that might be help you to feel more comfort at Haneda Airport in Japan.

1. Empty  and soft chair to laying down exhausted body after a very long flight to travel from Indonesia to Japan

Surely there are so many empty chairs you can use to lay down for a couple hours before the first train come. Here is the proof, this friend of mine directly sleeping just a couple minutes after we arriving in this place. Nice…!!!

haneda airport tokyo japan travel 1

It`s a relief after sitted for about 8 hours from Bali to Kuala Lumpur  to Haneda Airport, what I really need is  just to laying down my body on a bed since this bed seems so far away from me so the only choice is to laying it down on the sofa..sigh..but it`s ok than nothing… the risk as a budget traveler guys…

After take a deep breath, I realize that the lounge is warm enough for me, very spacious, clean and too quite for this huge lounge. Maybe it`s because of the culture as well, I heard that it`s a big No No to speak loudly or laughing hard here in this country and of course it`s already midnight after all xixixi..everyone must be very tired and need a break for a while.

2. Excellent public facilities especially for traveler from a very far country from Japan

Thsese facilities such as toilet, internet connection, food arcade, transportation.


We can find so many public facilities and they maintain it very well, such as the toilet are very clean, dry, good smell and too modern if I compare with Indonesia..upss…

To be honest since the beginning I was very curious with so many kinds of equipments in the Japan`s toilet. I read a lot about this. So many interest things here such as the warm seater at the toilet and also so many kind of button with a different function of course.

haneda airport tokyo japan travel 2

I really appreciate the efforts of the Japan`s government, they give a good attention to fulfill the needs of their people, including the special need for some people with a special needs such as a special room for a wheelchair users, as well as a special equipment for mothers with a baby. Cool…!!!

  • WIFI

Well..we couldn`t pass it up..

Once I got a convenient place, the next thing I really want to do when travel in Japan is trying the speed for the internet. This is Japan with the high technologies things, am I right?!!

And what I got is, we can use the WIFI for free, smooth connection but not as quickly as I imagined before. Sigh again, especially for my notebook, the connection is really not  good. I got a word from my friend who stay in Tokyo – Japan that the internet connection definitely fast just like a jet..wus..wus..wus… hahaha.. I think there`s nothing incorrect here, since I`m using the public facility for free. So that words might be right “you got what you pay dude…!!!”.


Some café open for 24 hours which serves many varieties of Japanese food such as sushi, rice, ramen, coffee, etc . But if you want to buy some drink for a cheap price you can get it from the vanding machine. The price around 100 Yen, 150 yen and also some items up to 300 yen. This is cheap, isn`t it?


This would be the most important thing I need early in the morning. Since the train will start from 5am so I had so many times to take a rest. The access to the subway or monorail stations are in the lounge area.

All the instructions displayed very clearly, so no need to feel worry about it. Or if you had something in mind the officer will helping you to find what you want in a very nice smile, since they can`t speak English very well and a bit difficult to understand the pronunciation.  At least they are very friendly and not stingy with the  informations.

I found this situation in all around Japan, so I just need to be focus on the itinerary I`ve made before, sure it really helping me to enjoy my travel advanture in Japan. It`s a wonderful trip after all.

Yokoso Japan minnasan…!!!

-Erbina Barus-

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Ayung River Rafting – Ubud – Bali with friends

Wah sudah lama sekali saya tidak menulis di blog ini….

Baru saja melihat – lihat photo rafting yang saya lakukan 2 minggu lalu dan timbul keinginan untuk berbagi dengan teman – teman melalui tulisan di blog saya ini… So judulnya “have fun Ayung River Rafting with friends..”

Rafting kali ini kami ber-6 dan sengaja saya memilih untuk rafting di Ayung River – Ubud karena jeram yang tidak terlalu besar, mengingat sebagian besar teman – teman saya belum punya pengalaman rafting. Jadi Ayung River adalah spot yang terbaik, aman dan pemandangan alam yang indah akan melengkapi advanture trip kali ini.

Untuk trip ini kami membayar Rp 240.000 per pax dan Rp 325.000 per pax untuk seorang teman dari Jepang … Hal yang biasa terjadi dimanapun kita travel akan selalu ada perbedaan harga yang cukup mencolok antara orang lokal dan pendatang.. Dalam satu bus penjemputan, saat itu kami gabung dengan 4 orang traveler dari German dan fantastisnya mereka membayar Rp 750.000,- per pax.. Tentunya dengan fasilitas yang sama dengan yang kami terima. Transport Kuta – Ubud return, buffet lunch, rafting`s equipment.. that`s all…

Sebelumnya saya pernah rafting dengan Travel Agent yang berbeda dan ternyata jalur yang kami lalui kali ini lebih panjang beberapa kilometer dengan TA yang dulu saya gunakan.. namun serunya trip ini tetap sama karena semua team terlihat happy & really enjoy the trip….

Berikut photo kenangan ketika rafting di Ayung River – Ubud – Bali

ayung river rafting  ubud bali 1

ayung river rafting ubud bali 2

ayung river rafting ubud bali 3


Erbina Barus

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Kenangan pendakian Gunung Rinjani – Lombok

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Kenangan pendakian Gunung Rinjani – Lombok

Hari ini saya begitu stress dengan pekerjaan dan sangat ingin mengalihkan perhatian dengan menulis, namun sempat bingung juga dengan content yang akan ditulis dan tiba – tiba seorang nge-tag sebuah photo lama di FB. Photo yang diambil beberapa tahun yang lalu saat travel ke kawasan Gunung Rinjani di Lombok bersama teman – teman kuliah tempoe doeloe.

rinjani mount lombok indonesia travel 1

Gunung Rinjani adalah salah satu gunung tertinggi yang pernah kudaki. Ketinggiannya mencapai 3726 mdpl dengan pemandangan yang sangat indah dan dilengkapi dengan birunya Danau Segara Anak, begitu indahnya sehingga mampu membuang semua rasa lelah tepat ketika mencapai puncak Pelawangan.

Ya Tuhan.. indahnya dan tenangnya, saat itu kami menangis karena begitu terharu dengan semua keindahan itu. Saat ini saya bahkan hampir menangis kembali karena begitu kangen dengan setiap moment berharga tersebut. Guys..miss you all so so so much…!!! Hope we can do this kind of trip again .. someday… amin.


Erbina Barus

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Indahnya Danau Batur dan seluruh cerita disekelilingnya

Berbicara mengenai keindahan alam di Pulau Bali – Indonesia rasanya tidak akan pernah ada habisnya. Sekali waktu saya akan terkagum – kagum dengan wisata baharinya, dilain waktu saya juga tak mampu berkata – kata ketika menyaksikan sunrise yang sangat indah dari pegunungan, bahkan ketika sedang berlalu lintas biasa dijalanan pedesaanpun seringkali saya seperti sedang berada dalam sebuah petualangan yang tidak ada habisnya.

mount batur bali travel destination 16

Kali inipun saya merasakan hal yang sama ketika saya sedang dalam perjalanan pulang dari daerah Kintamani menuju Denpasar. Perjalanan yang cukup panjang memang terasa sangat melelahkan, namun buat semua traveler di Bali tidak akan pernah merasa kehabisan energy karena sepanjang perjalanan itupun teman traveler tetap akan disuguhi pemandangan yang indah. Seketika semangat saya langsung memuncak ketika melihat pemandangan Gunung Batur yang dikelilingi oleh tenangnya perairan di Danau Batur.

Seakan tidak terbayangkan bahwa disekeliling danau yang tenang itu juga tersimpan sejarah penduduk asli Bali di Desa Terunyan, juga pemandangan alam yang luar biasa indah dari puncak Gunung Batur dan juga sangat disayangkan bahwa tidak jauh dari lokasi danau tersebut juga sedang terjadi pengrusakan alam besar – besaran. Sungguh disayangkan.


Erbina Barus

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