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Travel to Halong Bay – Vietnam and enjoy the world

At the beginning, I was completely blind about the travel world in Vietnam, then decided to collected all the information and I read many books give a good recommendation of Halong Bay as one of the cultural heritage in Vietnam.

halong bay vietnam travel

I traveled at February couple years ago, grey and freezing. I forgot in preparing my clothes for the winter time. I didn`t even brought comfort shoes. The weather between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City was totally different. Still…lucky me because I always had my jackets and some shocks in my backpack ^_^

How to get there

Went to Halong Bay, I decided to joining in the local travel agent not far from my GH. I went there by my self and found the price was quite cheaper than the other agents.

The cost for 1 day trip to Halong Bay from Hanoi City was US $ 25 net per person. This price inclusion with the transport returnes from hotel to Halong Bay, lunch and entrance fee to Halong Bay. But will got additional charge for playing Kayak or Canoe at the Halong Bay.

What to do in Halong Bay

Traveled in Halong Bay will always exciting, many unique rock hills around the lake as the icon of Halong Bay. The fantastic scenery, cold and dark water complete with the fog made it much more mysterious, I love it.

halong bay vietnam travel 2

halong bay vietnam travel 3

halong bay vietnam travel 4

halong bay vietnam travel 5

After 1 hour sail the boat was stopping by together with another boats, then many of the passengers became more and more narcissistic (including me hehehe…), some others paddling the canoe to the rock hills…

Swimming in Halong Bay – Vietnam..???

Yup..I planned it.. stupid me not to read the weather forecast… hiksss.. I even brought my fin & snorkel hahahaha…

My dream gone when I saw the water`s colour and the freezing air…so funny… I don`t think I can swim there.. never.. not even at the sunny day hahahaha…

The right food at the right place and the right time

Culinary still the best thing here, they served the best of Vietnamese food for all the starved traveler at the winter season. Everything looks good and yummy. I love it so much, especially the fresh vegetables and the sauce with Vietnamese taste. Truly yummy.

Overall I was truly enjoyed my travel time in Vietnam. Started from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi City then to Halong Bay. Long way to go with many experienced and different story in every cities. Cool…!!!



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